The Company

Founded in 1987 by Michael Kokkinos a culinary entrepreneur, in Carmel CA. Melina's started importing Spices, Olive Oil and other gourmet items from Greece and around the Mediterranean. Soon it made a name for itself for importing the finest foods from Southern Europe and presenting them in the most elegant packaging in the market. In 1996 Melina's introduced our signature bottle, custom made for us in Italy that is still our flagship item. The product line continued to expand and company thrived under its founder and in 2001 it was acquired by Bill Stirling. Bill continued on the footsteps of our founder until July 2012 when the current owner, Kosta Roumeliotakis acquired the Melina's Food Brand targeting to modernize and expand the company. As of October 2016, Melina's is owned by Hongar Farms and based in GA.



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