Chef Daniel Norton stopped by Melina's booth at the Fancy Food Show 2013 in San Francisco and immediately connected with our passion. We quickly formed a friendship and began working with our wonderful oils and vinegars. He constructs each recipe with an ultimate flavor in mind. Daniel says, "From the people to the olives, Melina's Gourmet Food is the most beautiful, hands down."

We are delighted he chose to share his wonderful recipes with us.

You are welcome to enjoy Daniel's creations with Melina's products.


Recipes by Chef Daniel Norton

Chef Daniel is a dynamic young chef, graduate of Cordon Blue San Francisco. He is the owner of, a culinary blog and is the Corporate Chef with the tech start-up, MemSQL.

Daniel sees food and people in harmony. He seeks to empower each and every one of us by introducing us to the culinary delights that he is so passionate about and thus combining his love for food with his love for people.

To read his full bio, please visit

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